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Pastor's Pondering - September 23, 2022

Dear River Glenners -

Greetings from the Mission Point Lighthouse. Tom and I are enjoying our second round of lighthouse keeping here in Traverse City, Michigan. As you can see, we have a lovely view!

Lighthouses have two main purposes. One purpose, especially for those along the ocean, is to warn ships of dangers like a shallow or rocky shoreline. Another purpose, which is the reason for our lighthouse at the end of Mission Point Peninsula up the center of Grand Traverse Bay, is to guide boats safely in and out of harbors. Truthfully, our main duties are running a gift shop and helping tourists enjoy the grounds. But once upon a time, before automated houses and light buoys, the main job of the lighthouse keeper was keeping the light shining bright - cleaning windows and the lighthouse lens, trimming the wick, hauling oil up flights of stairs - so that there was always light in the darkness.

You are the light of the world. What are the ways you keep your light shining bright so that you can be a help and support to those going through difficult times? Whatever it is, do more of that.

Stay shiny!

Pastor Jess

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