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Pastor's Pondering - September 18, 2020

Dear friends -

I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. Vacation is always a reminder for gratitude for so many reasons. One is simply stepping away for a while from all the usual duties for rest and restoration, the only time I get to leave my phone in the living room at bedtime or even lose track of it for awhile. Like for most of you, this year's vacation will look a little more like staycation for most of it, but I've ordered some art supplies and have a steady stream of social distance or online connections with friends and family. Another reason to be grateful is for the diverse gifts of the community of faith and all the folks who are jumping in. A huge thanks to Pastor Barbara for shouldering congregational care and preaching, to the Presbytery for providing support and preaching, for our Stephen Ministers and especially Meg who is picking up congregational care as well, and others who are running zoom meetings and continuing to carry on the ministry of River Glen.

It's a great reminder of the body of Christ!

Grace and peace,


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