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Pastor's Pondering - October 7, 2022

Dear friends -

Imagine River Glen in 2032. What do you imagine to look different? What do you imagine will be familiar?

This is how Carey Nieuwhof (author/new church plant pastor/coach) begins a recent blog post entitled, "It's 2032. Here's What's Left of the Church." You can read the whole article: click here, but the gist of it is some creative reflection on a post-pandemic church. Some of it I love - things like helping us connect better in more meaningful ways. Some of it gave me pause. Spoiler alert - Nieuwhof is very pro-digital; though so are most people under 60, so he may be on to something 😉

I wonder what you imagine in 2032. Using prophetic vision, God is always at work for something better in the future than what has happened in the past. What new ministries have formed? What ways have we strengthened good things that are already core to River Glen? What ways are you falling in love with Jesus and service all over again because of a vibrant faith community?

Giving thanks for a good past and imagining a glorious future,


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