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Pastor's Pondering - October 22, 2021

Dear friends –

Ann Weems reflects in her poem, “I see your pain,” on how she longs to help another in their grief – to “banish it with the wave of a star,” to dry tears with “the hem of an angel’s gown,” to return a broken heart “wrapped in clothes woven of rainbow.” But without the star, the angel’s garment, and a rainbow, instead, we sit beside people in their pain, “Until the stars come out and the angels dry your tears and your heart is back in place, rainbow blessed.”

All Saints’ Sunday is coming up on November 7, which is an opportunity to sit with those who grieve. It is also an opportunity to honor the memory of those people of the community to have died over the last year by reading the necrology and lighting candles. We have three beloveds who were direct members of River Glen (Jerry Yingling, Jan Crownhart, and Fran Skiroock) from this past year. If there are other special friends or family members who have died over the last year whose names you would like to be read aloud for the necrology, please let the church office know. There will also be a time for those in the service to come forward and light a candle during worship.

May we lament and share in the grief of loss as well as be reminded of the promise of new life in Jesus Christ that these saints in faith have risen in glory.

Grace and peace,


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