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Pastor's Pondering - October 2, 2020

Dear friends -

Thank you for your prayers, cards, and thoughts over the last two weeks. I'm ever mindful in these days of the continual presence of God with us, working through us. Thankfully, as a congregation, we're also reminded of God's presence in so many ways - worship, fellowship, prayer, Scripture. Some special ways we are recently reminded is through a few upcoming celebrations. Tomorrow, Devin and Elise will celebrate their marriage by making vows before God and family and friends, and we have a few baptisms coming up in the next few weeks - pointed reminders of God's presence in the life and ministry of River Glen.

Our theme for this month is Thrive, leaning into how we can thrive as a congregation in our stewardship even in challenging times. As Pastor Barbara highlighted the encouragement Paul gives Timothy this past Sunday, and that we also receive, we must continue to spur one another on to good deeds, generosity, and love in Christ - to thrive even in difficulties. Thankfully, we have thrived plenty even over the last six months, adapting, changing, growing, and continuing in vital ministry in the community and to care for one another. May we continue to be blessed with God's growing Spirit, thriving as we are rooted in Christ and God's love.

Grace and peace,


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