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Pastor's Pondering - November 20, 2020

Dear friends –

Sunday is a special service – I hope you will join us. It combines two very important reminders. One is Thanksgiving. Gratitude is always in season, but especially in November, and our worship on Sunday will have lots of opportunities to give thanks. Even in hard times, we are abundantly blessed with community and faith. It is also Christ the King Sunday. The sermon is going to be a beautiful presentation from members of the congregation – you won’t want to miss it – but if I were preaching, the sermon would be a reminder that even Presidential elections do not determine who is the ruler of the land or our lives – because Christ is always our King, our foundation, and our unity. This past week, we broke into the doxology during REV Wednesday, and it is a reminder that glory goes to God, and God alone.

Have a great weekend – stay safe – and see you Sunday!

Grace and peace,


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