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Pastor's Pondering - November 12, 2021

Dear friends –

I wonder what images or stories come to mind when you think about More Than Enough. Do you think about abundance in your life in good ways? Do you think of internal abundances – more than enough patience, love, grace? Maybe you think of places you’re overwhelmed with more than enough! Family meals, junk drawers, game closets.

As a congregation, we have had an abundance of blessings over these last two years. We’ve been graced with encouragement, presence, PPP loans, special gifts and notes and care, and a generous spirit of Hope. This coming Sunday, Emily Perucca has put together a presentation of the many ways we have been blessed *even* in a Pandemic! Come celebrate on Sunday, join in on committing yourself and your finances this stewardship season with your pledge card, and let us give thanks for God’s abundance.

Grace and peace,


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