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Pastor's Pondering - July 8, 2022

Dear friends -

One of the strengths of a healthy congregation is the gift of celebration. We have a lot to celebrate as a church. The Growing as Disciples team is celebrating various teams each month to highlight the ways people are participating and serving at and through River Glen, and Stewardship is already starting to prep for how we can recognize the gifts of time, talent. We've enjoyed celebrating mission trips and outdoor worship. We've even done a good job celebrating and giving thanks for staff transitions - for now folks who heading out and then again hopefully in a month or two when we add new staff members back in.

On Sunday, we have an opportunity for a big celebration - a ribbon cutting as we open the River Glen Gospel Justice Center - a once-a-month use of our building and congregation members to provide pro bono legal support for those who might not be able to afford it. Working with Administer Justice, we too are seeking "To administer justice through comprehensive legal, financial, conflict resolution and educational services to empower the powerless, give hope to the hopeless, and show God's mercy and compassion to all in need."

Join us on Sunday for worship and a brief celebration of this new endeavor as we seek to make Jesus known in the community.

Grace and peace,


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