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Pastor's Pondering - December 2, 2022

Dear friends -

I've got paint on my face. There's still some on my glasses, and I just noticed some in my hair as well. It's from creating snow on wintery watercolor scenes with bleed-proof white paint. I tried to do it quickly, so instead of setting a backdrop and coverings, I just took the paintings outside to the deck and starting shaking paint everywhere.

It probably took more time to wipe down paint and redo myself for work this morning than it would have if I'd just taken time for set up and prep at the beginning of the project. Which got me thinking how often that happens in our own lives, especially in December. Before we know it, our schedules are so overwrought with details and planning and activities, the whole month starts to feel like a to-do list and a blur all at the same time. So here, at the beginning of the month, I invite you to take a little sabbath rest and think about what you want to prioritize during Advent. I'm hoping high on that list is keeping an eye out for where Emmanuel is at work - God with us. Because where we notice God is present is often where we most experience the hope, peace, joy, and love for which we long.

Advent blessings,


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