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Pastor's Pondering - August 7, 2020

Dear friends -

Outside is the place to be these days, so we are looking forward to outdoor worship on Sunday, August 16. Typically, we still have outdoor worship on Sunday morning, but with the need for social distancing, we realize trying to gather under our church tent is not a great idea - we have moved worship to 6:30 p.m. Sunday evening on that day. A few other things to note. In addition to the tents and canopies, we typically set up chairs for outdoor worship thanks to the Men's group, but in this case, we're asking you bring your own chairs. Please note the building will not be open, and please wear masks.

That's all the "let's do this as safely as we can" instructions. What I'm very much looking forward to is seeing some folks face to face, worshiping in God's creation, communion in person (please bring bread and juice with you from home), and a time of fellowship afterwards (maybe even a bonfire in the fire pit). We're aware that like every year for outdoor worship there are some folks unable to participate - we'll meet on zoom at our usual 10:30 worship time for fellowship, sharing joys and concerns, and for those who want to stay on, a conversation about the service theme (new wine in new wineskins).

Looking forward to seeing you soon, whether that is through zoom fellowship or our outdoor worship service.

Grace and peace,


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