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Pastor's Pondering - August 26, 2022

Dear friends - We've been reflecting on the Merton prayer lately: [We] don't always know the road ahead. One of the places we don't know the road ahead is who our next Children and Families Ministries Director will be. If you have any leads or people who might be interested, please pass this link of the job description along to them to apply:

What we do know is that we love kids, and we want to support families and children in meaningful, loving, and Christ-filled ways. Some steps we're already taking include putting in a Prayground (yup, it's spelled right) and recruiting people in the congregation to help teach Sunday school during worship on non-communion Sundays (please email me if you want to help). A prayground is a quiet space on the wing of the worship center where children can quietly play, read, draw, and move around a little while we don't have a fully staffed nursery. (Anybody have a rocking chair just sitting around? We'd like to have two of those in the back of that space.) We have talked about having this for awhile, and now we're going to experiment with it. I know I prefer a little noise from children in worship on Sunday mornings - it's a good sign of vitality. And it probably sounds similar in the settings where Jesus was like, let the kids be - I'm happy with them right here. Speaking of worship - please don't forget that Sunday is online only or up at Lake Geneva. Grace and peace, Jess

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