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Pastor's Pondering - August 21, 2020

Dear friends -

It was a great joy to have outdoor worship on Sunday evening. We could not have asked for better weather, and it was beautiful to connect with God outdoors and near each other. And, I think we had more visitors at that service than we've ever had!

They weren't our usual visitors, as in - humans. Turns out, this year at River Glen we have an abundance of dragonflies. At any given time during worship, there were at least a few very large dragonflies practicing spectacular social distancing by flying about 10 feet overhead. Someone mentioned afterward that this bodes well, as dragonflies, like tadpoles and frogs, are a sign of ecological health.  

I've been wondering a little more about those dragonflies, so I looked up what else they might symbolize. It turns out they also represent our word of the year: transformation. Changing, maturity, living life to the fullest. I do believe our visitors were excellent teachers on Sunday evening as we gathered on the lawn. May we continue to seek out and find these kinds of ways God is speaking to us through creation. 

May you be blessed with grace, peace, and wonder!


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