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Pastor's Pondering - August 12, 2022

Dear friends -

It's the practice of some churches to have a Homecoming Sunday. It serves as a kind of rally day - a "hey, remember, this is your church - let's come celebrate it" day. At River Glen, we have several of those built in without having to call it that at all - kick-off Sunday in September, the choir cantata, Christmas Eve and Easter celebrations.

Another one of those is the outdoor worship services. One of the joys pandemic brought us was more frequent outdoor worship times, but this Sunday is a super special outdoor worship, because not only will we enjoy God's creation up close and personal during worship, there's a picnic afterwards hosted by the deacons including games and a FUNdraising event with the youth (I believe it involves water - so you can get me back for anytime you had to sit through a boring sermon - ha!) Worship, joy, hugs, a meal together, laughter, community, games - the kinds of things that help fill empty tanks and reset ourselves. Come join in!

See you Sunday!


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