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A Word From Your Session - June 9, 2023

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

As you read in last week’s eNews and heard during worship on Sunday, the Yuhllin Korean Church has invited all members and friends of River Glen to attend their church picnic on June 25th at 2:30 in the afternoon. They need a tentative headcount from us ASAP, hence this special message. The Yuhllin congregation, which shares our church building, was invited to and participated in our Live Nativity and Fall Fest last year. They have extended us this gracious invitation so let’s have a great turnout from our congregation as well and get to know their congregation better. If you currently have no plans for the afternoon of Sunday, June 25th, and can make the commitment to be there, please sign up on the Opportunity Table this Sunday, Better yet, let Paula Hebert know within the next day or two so we can provide a headcount. Also, we thank Reverend Peter Park for guest preaching this last 3 weeks and for his timely and inspiring messages. This Sunday, welcome Executive Presbyter, Craig Howard to our pulpit. Feel free to contact Paula with any questions on this picnic or any Session member with questions on other topics during this time of transition to a new pastor.

2023 Session: Tom Barto, Bob Carr, Brian Gilbert, Rich Gorecki, Paula Hebert, Bill King, Christy Palangattil, Kalina Waszak

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