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A Word From Your Session-Aug 11, 2023

In our continuing effort to keep our congregation informed during our transition toward a new pastor, here are some highlights from this week’s Christian Formation meeting:

  • We opened with a discussion about an article about Broad Street Presbyterian Church in Columbus, OH which is full of people who are “explorers” trying to figure out together what it means to be a community of faith that follows Jesus. Broad Street is energized by new challenges and tries new things (that often fail), but is becoming a congregation shaped by flexibility, creativity, and generosity; rather than one of uncertainty about what the future holds. Their spiritual formation is connected to activities of serving and learning to follow Jesus. So here are some questions to ponder: Is River Glen a community of “explorers” energized by new challenges? What things can the Christian Formation team do to help you become an explorer learning to follow Jesus?

  • Tom Barto and Kalina Waszak have stepped up to roles to help our Children and Youth ministries while we continue the search for a new C&Y Director. Tom will lead an upcoming Confirmation class and will be polling parents of 8th-12th graders about timing and best times to meet. Kalina is looking at a new curriculum for the fall called “Simply Loved” by Group Publishing, an organization we’ve used in the past. Both are looking for people to assist so reach out to Tom or Kalina to help.

  • Adult-wise, Christy Palangattil, and Cyndi Gorecki are investigating curriculum ideas for Adult Ed focused on neurodiversity and mental health issues and how God uses neurodiverse people for His purposes. This would continue how we become a more welcoming place in line with our Unity in Diversity initiatives. A new women’s group is forming and the men’s group is considering a Fall study on Simon Peter. We also discussed creating some mixed-gender and family activities. A New Member class is in the works for this fall for anyone interested in joining our congregation.

  • Terry Moore reported that the Growing as Disciples team is planning “Better Together” sessions again for six Wednesday nights starting October 11. Their theme is based on Chicken Soup for the Soul topics. Of course, it will include a meal since we Presbyterians love to eat together!

  • Barbara Carmichael said the Great Banquet weekends are October 5-8 (men’s weekend) and October 12-15 (women’s weekend). We already know of a few River Glenners who will attend. Feel free to reach out to Barbara or me or anyone else who has attended The Banquet with your questions and interest in attending.

All in for Him, Rich Gorecki, Session Liasion for Christian Formation

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