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Welcome Back Fall - September 22, 2023

The warmth is releasing us very slowly into the era of cool air and colour. It has been very hot! Many are facing challenges not asked for after the horror of fires, floods and loss of life. We need to love!

The Church will be changing in structure, but not in faith, or intent to love and accept all people big and small. God’s kids, you & I. So, look in the mirror and see them in yourself as they dance into our hearts and days and evenings.

Love is the only answer to everything we think is wrong, or different, or awkward, or any assumption. The Creator loves without conditions, so we are to walk that way… the way of unconditional love.

And God bless all we do in that loving grace! Blessings to all as we walk & move our dance steps to better match the Creator’s wisdom.

by Diane Trollope

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