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Pastor's Ponderings - December 3, 2021

We are a brave face when we have to be strong. We are tears in the shower when grief roars its head. We are setting the table, but there are empty seats. We are stuck in the swell, caught in the storm. We are moving on, caught in our guilt. We are okay some days, but some days we’re not. We are familiar with the night, we know it by name. We are night-walkers, dream-makers, star-chasers. We are close to home, but home has changed. We are here. Grief is here. God is here.

Sarah (Are) Speed, Sanctified Art

Dear friends –

I love Christmas – all the lights and music and decorations. I can’t wait for the Live Nativity this weekend and sharing in our Advent journey toward Christmas Eve with candlelight worship (5 pm). Christmas celebrations come with all the good and cozy feels.

If that’s your Christmas experience, I’m thrilled for you – enjoy! But for those for whom Christmas does not only bring warm fuzzies, sometimes it helps to have space to pray, reflect, grieve and to be reminded that God’s light shines in both the beautiful and the hard places of our lives. One of those spaces is the Longest Night Service – sometimes called Blue Christmas. Join me for a time of reflection, candle lighting, and prayers on zoom on the longest night of 2021 – Tuesday, December 21 – at 7 pm: Zoom Link

Advent blessings,


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