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Pastor's Pondering - September 30, 2022

Dear friends -

The book club is reading the reflections of an older pastor writing to his younger son through the novel, Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. There are several moments of pointed communion in the novel. One is a moment where the pastor reflects back on his childhood memory of his own father handing him a biscuit with ash covered hands because they had spent the day helping clean up after a church fire - the simple act of handing over ash bread was this moment of communion. Another is when he serves his young son bread after worship - another moment of communion, even though liturgically the moment wasn't right in worship.

What are your most meaningful moments of communion?

Many of my own involve travel or mission trips or those times when we participate in communion in an out-of-the-ordinary setting. This Sunday, we will celebrate communion with millions of other Christians across the globe who will also be purposefully celebrating sharing the meal of the Lord's Supper. I hope you will join us - there will be some great reminders of the ways we are connected as the body of Christ through time and space.

See you Sunday!


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