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Pastor's Pondering - September 11, 2020

Dear friends -

My parents have some apple trees in their front yard that they have to pay close attention to - a few times over the years they've lost a branch or two because of the weight of the fruit. As you well know, if the branch wants to bear fruit, it has to stay connected to the source - the tree itself. If we want to bear fruit of love and joy, of hope and peace, we too have to stay connected to the source of our life: the Lord our God.

Over the past several months, some of our January renewal weekend experience has been bearing fruit among us. Remember when, during that retreat in the worship center, we would divide out into small groups for intentional listening? Some of us have continued that experiment once a month over the spring and summer on Saturday mornings. At this point, we have the opportunity to begin some of those groups. Perhaps Saturday morning didn't work for you or perhaps you were curious but not sure about participating. If that's you, and you're interested in being part of the process, please let me know, and I'm happy to get you some more information. Pastor Barbara and Andrea, who is part of a Transforming Center community (and works there as well) are going to be starting up groups in the next few weeks, with the participants determining the meeting times.

These are challenging days. Having a small group of folks help listen to where God is and remind us of God's presence and hope through group spiritual direction is a huge blessing - drop me an email if you're interested in a participating. Let's all keep reminding one another of connecting in whatever ways we can to the source of our life so that we can be full of hope and light even in these more challenging days.

Grace and peace,


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