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Pastor's Pondering - May 27, 2022

Dear friends -

Last week, I heard John Philip Newell speak. He is an author and Celtic spirituality teacher who seeks to help people experience more fully the sacredness of earth and human beings. When asked about what serves as his rule of life, he reflected on the importance of "learning to read what God has written deeply into you." When you discover this, and shine light on it in community both to discern if it reflects Christ and reflects the truth others also confirm in you, you have found your rule of life.

So what's your rule of life? What has God written into your very being that speaks truth to who you are and reflects Christ in a way that it can be an anchor for you in the waves of life? Because in the midst of waves, tragic news, and other challenges, to know at the core of your being who you are and how you are called to live will give you a firm foundation in Christ, come what may.

Grace and peace,


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