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Pastor's Pondering - May 20, 2022

Dear friends -

You never know what a difference your words or kindnesses are making in someone's life.

I was hospitalized for four days back in September of 2020. It was in the pandemic, I was already scheduled to be gone for vacation, and there were lots of question marks, so we kept it pretty low-key with the congregation. It was not a low-key event. I had terrible pain, crazy blood cell counts, a mystery infection, and some numbers that pointed to some scary possibilities. The third day was the worst for pain and exhaustion. Witnessing my distress and seeing my prayer square with a cross on it from the Hume gals, my nurse said she was a Christian and offered to pray for me after she switched me to a new IV antibiotic. By the next morning, my numbers were back in normal ranges, and I was feeling dramatically better.

Whether because of prayer alone or medicine or a combination, it felt miraculous. I can't even remember my nurse's name right now, but I remember the difference she made for me. Of course, I thanked her in the moment, but there was no follow-up, no opportunity now to re-affirm how much her prayer meant.

You too might do some kindness or make some difference of which you may never learn the impact in someone's life, but keep making a difference anyhow. Keep sending cards, making phone calls, praying, and caring for people. Keep being compassionate in your work and diligent in your doing good for those around you. Keep being Christ's light in the world. You never know the difference you will make.

Grace and peace,


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