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Pastor's Pondering - May 14, 2021

Shift, shift, shift. That’s the image I borrowed from the Rev. Lesley Weir who preached at the February 2020 Presbytery meeting about watching schools of fish pivot underwater. It was a timely sermon from her, and it became the image for the first sermon I’ve preached to a camera for that first Sunday of pandemic.

And the shift shift shift has not stopped since.

Here’s an update on a few shifts.

🩹 Vaccination card info: One is, we’re back to worship in person – YAY! The regulations have loosened a wee bit, so we can go beyond our 50 person limit if we continue to have reservations, and we have copies of people’s vaccination cards for those who are fully vaccinated and past the 14 day waiting period. If this is you, I invite you to bring your vaccination card with you when you’re next at church and leave a photo copy in the office. Everybody still RSVPs, but this allows us to have more folks involved.

🎵 Singing: we have removed the no singing clause from our guidelines. We are cautiously optimistic that singing quietly in our masks is not much greater risk than speaking, so you are now welcome to sing. Please leave your over 100 decibel singing voice at home (the world record is 121 decibels) and aim for a library version instead.

🍞 Communion: While we will continue to follow our pattern of communion on the first and third Sundays of the month, please continue to bring your elements to worship or suffer through the tiny packages we have available if you forget.

We will continue to shift, shift, shift and keep you posted as changes occur. Like you, I long for the day when we won’t have to wear masks or take reservations and we can partake of the same loaf in communion. But for now, we will continue to love our neighbor and shift in ways that keep safety a priority.

Grace and peace,


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