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Pastor's Pondering - March 25, 2022

Dear friends - A question came up in Session: can we have Covid data metrics so we'll know about changing masking protocols? While that has its benefits, what the Session talked about was that the face-to-face dialogue (on zoom, but we can still see each other) is what helped us discern. Hearing (*listening to*) the various thoughts is what helps formulate the decision. FIVE STARS FOR THE SESSION. This kind of measured interaction, even with a variety of opinions sometimes opposed to each other, helps us arrive at a conclusion that almost every time the Session can unanimously approve. Would that we could engage in such ways in other areas of our lives - even when speaking of politics, religion, and other hot topics around the Thanksgiving table. I'm so grateful to serve a congregation with the compassion and willingness to listen to one another. May we continue to foster that as we continue forward into new chapters. Grace and peace, Jess PS Our current mask regulations are below, but they fall approximately into two categories:

  1. Sunday morning: if you're moving, you're masking (the only time on Sunday morning masks are removed is in the center sections of the worship center and up front where people are leading worship)

  2. Other times than Sunday morning, groups can choose for themselves their preference for masking or not.

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