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Pastor's Pondering - March 24, 2023

Dear friends -

The Session liked giving our top 5 from the meeting so much last month, we're making another list for you from our meeting on Tuesday evening. Celebrate with us!

  • We're replacing the thermostats! That's great news, and the even better news is that it seems much more cost effective than the first round of quotes. Good job, Building and Grounds on being good stewards!

  • Beyond the Barn Team's 1, 3, and 5 year goals - we are quarterly making sure we're actively working on the goals this long-range planning team discerned over 2021 and 2022. Check them out here.

  • Pastor Jess has been asked to be the Spiritual Lead for the Fall Women's Great Banquet - Session, as in the past, has approved her being gone October 12-15 to provide leadership for this retreat. The men's fall Great Banquet is the weekend before. If you're interested in participating, talk to Pastor Jess - it's a weekend retreat that's a reflection of the kingdom: full of grace, love, and great food and fellowship.

  • New Sign update - there's a team of people that have worked to put a new sign proposal together. The Session is discerning if this is a wise use of funds for visibility and communication or if it is something we should hold off on until down the road. Stay tuned - we'll keep you posted after the April meeting.

  • June 25: PICNIC TIME! The Yuhllin Church, our Korean friends with whom we share the building, have invited us to a picnic after their outdoor worship on Sunday, June 25 at 2:30 pm on the lawn. Let's join together for friendship and delicious food!

River Glen is blessed with a great Session, full of dedication and discernment with a beautiful spirit of joy and cooperation. Give an extra thanksgiving to these folks for their service.

See you Sunday!


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