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Pastor's Pondering - March 19, 2021

Dear friends –

What a weird year. Around this time last year, we had hoped to be back in worship at Easter – like a few weeks later in 2020. We had so longed things would “get back to normal” quickly. Looks like we’re only about a year off schedule – ha! On Sunday, April 4, we hope to have our first live-streamed worship service with the congregation present! We realize not everybody will be able to be there, so I’m especially thankful for the many people who have helped us reach this point to be able to live-stream, so we can all continue to stay connected.

🌷🌸🌻🌼💐 We’re adding an extra feature to our celebration this year – a flowering of the cross on the lawn afterwards, so that even if people are unable to participate inside, we can gather after worship for some outdoor fellowship. If you’ve not participated in a flowering of the cross before, you can learn more from a recent article in Presbyterians Today: Click Here The cross will mainly be flowered during the fellowship time but will remain up through Easter Monday, if you want to come at another time to add to our collaborative celebration.

As we continue to journey towards the cross this Lent, we are ever mindful that God is always at work for resurrection!

Grace and peace,


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