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Pastor's Pondering - June 25, 2021

Dear friends –

You are God’s chosen beloved, so dress yourselves with compassion and kindness, humility and meekness. Bear with one another, and even if you disagree with each other, show grace and patience just as God shows grace and patience with us.

That’s pretty much the core of Paul’s message to the Colossians, and the start to one of my favorite passages of Scripture (Colossians 3:12-17) for the church. One of the things I value so much about the community of River Glen is that you really do live this out. There is no greater testimony to this to how we have waded the waters of pandemic. So many of you have been gracious and caring for one another in deeply patient ways. I encourage you in this.

Keeping these principles in mind, the Session is continuing to take small steps toward a new normal, including no longer needing reservations and the flexibility to remove masks during worship and meetings and when outside. We ask you continue to be patient and gracious with one another in these steps, so that church can remain a safe and non-judgmental place for the vulnerable and more cautious.

Grace and peace,


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