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Pastor's Pondering - June 18, 2021

Dear friends –

Whatcha reading this summer? Here are a few books that have caught my eye lately that I thought you might especially appreciate. They are, admittedly, from the Academy of Parish Clergy’s top 10 book list – I’ve narrowed down to three books that are for everybody and skipped the ones more for pastors.

Kelley Nikondeha’s Defiant: What the Women of Exodus Teach Us about Freedom. Because this was the book of the year, I had a chance to interview Kelley about the book, and we’ve had a few follow-up conversations. Great book about the women of the Exodus story with lots of contemporary examples. Kelley is an amazing story teller! Another is Kaitlin Curtice’s Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God. Kaitlin is also a phenomenal storyteller. She weaves story, faith, and Native American culture together in this short and lovely read. Lastly, and you’ll sense a storytelling theme here, L.S. Dugdale, MD, has written one of the most beautiful books on palliative and end of life care: The Lost Art of Dying: Reviving Forgotten Wisdom.

I have an upcoming interview with Kaitlin in July so I’ll need my copy of Native for a few more weeks, but if you want to borrow either of the other two books, just drop me an email – I’m happy to share these lovely gems. It’s summer – happy reading!

Grace and peace,

Your bookworm pastor

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