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Pastor's Pondering - June 11, 2021

Ooooh, friends of River Glen – we had fun on Sunday!

In intergenerational Sunday school on the lawn at 9:30, we gathered for some creative and joyful REcreating. Over the course of our time, we wrote a Psalm together made up of our experience on the grounds including the plants, flowers, creatures, and even some memorials we noticed. I invite you to imagine you too are enjoying fellowship in a comfy chair on the front lawn and to enjoy our Psalm of Praise:

O Lord, how glorious is your name!

We thank you for the persistence of the dandelion which is like your ever-present love

and how butterflies show your wonder.

Like the rose returns every spring, we’re reminded of your resurrecting power,

even as we remember those we have lost and celebrate their resurrection in you.

Thank you for the soft and tender things,

like Lamb’s Ear, flower petals, bunny fur, and downy feathers.

We praise you for humor and creativity.

We follow the path of creation and rejoice in you,

clapping like the leaves of the trees and singing like the birds of the air.

O Lord, how glorious is your name!

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