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Pastor's Pondering - June 10, 2022

Dear friends -

One of my favorite reflections on the Holy Spirit comes from Amy Julia Becker, who writes of the Spirit at work,

“In nudges and whispers.

Like a seed growing, imperceptible at first.

Like wind, invisible, refreshing, transformative.

Like water, cleansing, renewing, powerful.

Unpredictably. Uncontrollably.

Praying: for us, with us, in us, through us."

It can be hard to describe the work of the Spirit, but Scripture highlights some significant ways this "third person" of the Trinity is at work in our lives. Last week, we talked about Pentecost being the arrival of the Advocate - the one who is with us and for us, a pointed reminder when we feel alone in the world. Sunday, we'll hear about the ways the Spirit bears fruit of endurance and hope in us. In a few weeks, Pastor Barbara will preach about the Spirit creating wholeness and health even in the chaos of our lives.

I hope to see you Sunday, so we can see where the Spirit is on the move refreshing and renewing us in these summer days!

Grace and peace,


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