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Pastor's Pondering - July 2, 2021

Here If You Need Me

By the Rev. Sarah Are

I got the call and almost

rushed right over.

I wanted to hold your hand and

tell you it would be okay.

I wanted to start a meal train.

I wanted to bring casseroles and flowers

and hope of better days.

I wanted to take my heart out of my chest

and put it in yours

so that the ache might fade.

I wanted to speak, and fight,

with the person in charge.

I wanted to get justice,

I wanted to make it fair.

I wanted to start a campaign.

I wanted to rewind time, to easy, better days.

There is so much that I want to do,

but it’s not about me.

It’s about you.

So tell me –

what do you need?

I am here.

I am listening.

Dear friends –

So often we want to connect more deeply with others – at work, in our families, at church, with our friends – but we don’t know how. The above poem is from Sarah Are, one of the authors and artists of Sanctified Art who helped design a series for churches about listening and caring for one another. Our summer series, “I’ve been meaning to ask…” helps us find the courage, compassion, and deep listening to foster better connections with those around us. Don’t miss a week – even with traveling, catch worship online, as we explore 8 weeks of courageous conversations.

Grace and peace,


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