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Pastor's Pondering - January 7, 2022

Dear friends -

Yesterday was the official Feast of the Epiphany, that day when we celebrate the arrival of the Magi. It makes me want to describe everything as bright and shiny and note how stellar things are (see what I did there?). After all, as I write this, there's a crisp blue sky and beautiful glistening snow outside.

The story of the Magi and the star is a reminder of the ways we can seek after light as well. It was not shiny and bright in the first-century Middle East any more than it is today. The politics were no less corrupt. There was no less financial manipulation on behalf of leaders and merchants to keep a growing gap between rich and poor. And in the biblical timeline of the year, King Herod stopped at nothing, even killing children, to keep his seat in power.

And yet, God was still present and making known God's love among the people. May we have the wisdom to seek after Jesus like the Wise before us.

Grace and peace,


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