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Pastor's Pondering - January 14, 2022

Dear friends -

Ever bared your soul to someone only to have a platitude tossed your way? "When God closes one door, another one opens." "Let go and let God." "Everything happens for a reason." Basically, what the person is saying is: you're in pain, and I can't bear your pain with you, so I'll say something that makes me feel better regardless of whether or not it actually helps you, the one in pain.

In other words, it's the worst. It would be better if the person just said they didn't know what to say than to brush off what you're going through. We're about to start a new sermon series based off Adam Hamilton's book, Half Truths: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves and Other Things the Bible Doesn't Say.

Let's have a little fun on Sunday and call it out when we hear people saying unhelpful things to people in pain (at a certain time - no fair just buzzing when you feel like it). Bring a game buzzer to church and in worship, we'll test them out . If you don't have a game buzzer, we'll have a few extra or you can download "the buzzer" app for free and come play along.

See you Sunday!


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