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Pastor's Pondering - December 9, 2022

Dear friends -

This coming Sunday, our Advent Candle is the Joy candle, which is fitting fresh off the great joy of the Live Nativity and just in time for the Choir's Christmas Cantata. Nothing like a perfect little burrito wrapped Baby Jesus, an angel chorus, and some dancing shepherds to usher in laughter and joy!

Speaking of joy, few weeks ago, a friend suggested I should buy magnetic Christmas lights for my Mini Cooper. I totally did. Last week Friday, I did all the winter prep on it - tires all set, new anti-ice windshield washer fluid ready to go, car wash - and then I delighted in putting the magnets on the car with Christmas joy. It was kind of fun that day when we picked up the Christmas tree, top down, and drove through town very festively.

Now, frankly, it's just embarrassing. I've almost taken them off - I mean, seriously, it looks ridiculous. EXCEPT when I'm passing one of those cars with reindeer antlers and a red nose on the grille. Then, it's like a car party - hey, we are spreading joy together! So one of my spiritual practices this Advent is keeping the car magnets on in hopes of spreading some Christmas cheer.

What's bringing you joy? How are you sharing it with others?

Peace and joy,


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