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Pastor's Pondering- April 9, 2021

Dear friends –

Parallel to Earth Day celebrations on April 22, we are having Earth Stewardship Sunday on April 25. River Glen has earth stewardship written into her dna with our location here on the river and connected to the McDowell Forest Preserve. In what ways are you caring for creation? I’d love to hear – drop me an email: It’s a little early in the year to suggest kayaking to church for the day, but we’re looking forward to sharing ways we can live into the Hope God has for all of creation by caring for the Earth.

This year’s them is Restore Our Earth. As we continue to celebrate Easter, we’re reminded of all the ways our Creator is at work restoring and renewing. We can be part of the restoration – in how we vote, in how we eat, in what we purchase. You can read more about topics from water to ecosystems to plastic damage here:

Grace and peace,


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