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Pastor's Pondering - April 28, 2023

Dear friends -

The Session met at our usual 4th Tuesday evening meeting this past Tuesday, and we wanted to share our top five highlights with you.

  • May 6: Clean up day - The Boy Scouts will be here doing yard work and spreading mulch - come join in on Saturday morning, May 6.

  • Summer Servants: see below and future announcements on the Wednesday night monthly meals, fun, and learning for all ages as we figure out new and meaningful ways to grow in faith during the growing time that is summer.

  • Next steps: we talked through what's next for River Glen as you head into a time of transition.

    • Meeting May 9 with the Presbytery liaison for churches in transition to talk about next steps in getting a good interim

    • Praying about the interim minister search team

    • Setting up pulpit supply and looking to hear from maybe some of you on Sunday mornings as well

    • Continuing the good ministry here - the Session and congregation have some extra steps coming up, but also, we are committed to continuing and celebrating the good ministries and relationships of River Glen.

  • Celebration: while it was bittersweet to have our last official Session meeting together, we did spend some time giving gratitude and celebrating the good work at River Glen over the last five years.

  • Reflection: we spent a significant amount of time reflecting together on the following questions:

    • How is River Glen different today from where we were in 2017?

    • For what accomplishments in ministry are we most grateful?

    • What challenges did we overcome and what did we learn from those situations?

    • What do we wish we might have done had time and resources allowed?

I wonder what your answers would be to those questions. We came up with some significant lists, the longest being what we've accomplished over the last few years, especially ways we've focused on social justice and service (Gospel Justice Center, being more clearly open and affirming, literally serving outside our doors with meals at Hesed house, onsite at 360 Youth, and participating in the Dakota Partner mission trips) and creative ministries such as the prayground, drive and walk thru nativity, renewal retreat, and our recent leaps and bounds in technology. It was a good way to give thanks for each other, ministry, and to God.



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