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Pastor's Pondering - April 16, 2021

Dear friends –

The most beautiful thing happened on Sunday – in the middle of the Pastor Barbara’s sermon, those of us gathered in the worship center were treated to the sound laughing children. Thankfully, because of Rev and storytimes and some outdoor activities, the sound of kids laughing is still a part of River Glen. But through a whole year of prerecording in a mostly empty sanctuary, staring at a camera, there were no laughing kids in the middle of recording. I had no idea how much I missed it until I was moved to tears in my pew for the sheer joy of being gathered in that space and hearing tiny whispers of play across the way.

I’m so thankful for the ways we’ve stayed connected over this last year, and I’m thrilled about live-streaming, so we can stay connected during Covidtide. But if you are able and feel safe with protocols to attend in-person worship, don’t miss it. In addition to the 50 sign up spaces for upstairs, we’ve added 25 spots on the lower level – yes, it’s a live-stream, but with some company. If you’re watching from home, I hope you have some community with you – if not actually others in your home, then on the chat, over the phone with a friend, following up with someone else who’s watched with conversation, or joining in on the fellowship zoom afterwards (we’ll keep that going for a bit – it was fun for those of us in the building to be able to greet those on zoom on Sunday). Connected while apart has been a lifeline, but we are also the body of Christ, and continuing to find ways to connect more deeply to God and one another is how we thrive as the body.

Speaking of the body of Christ, we have communion on Sunday. Whether you’re in person or at home, don’t forget your elements (emergency backups will be available at church, but they are… not as delicious as real bread and juice). Either way – see you Sunday!

Grace and peace,


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