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A Word From Your Session-Aug 18, 2023

This week, Session reconvened a gathering of the leadership body of River Glen in our continuing effort to improve communication between all our teams. Formerly known as an ALTA Meeting, the newly renamed Quarterly Leadership Council (QLC) included the moderators/chairpersons from all ministries and support teams, Session, Deacons, and staff.

Representatives from each of these teams reported on their plans for the next 3-4 months, including their request for help needed from other teams.

  • Transitional Pastor Search Team - Tom Barto.

  • Personnel - Brian Gilbert.

  • Christian Formation - Rich Gorecki.

  • Adult Education - Christy Palangatill.

  • Growing as Disciples - Terry Moore.

  • Affinity groups: Men’s and Women’s Ministries, Empty Nesters - Rich Gorecki, Melissa Meyer, Peg McCall.

  • Building and Grounds - Dan Henriksen.

  • Finance - Tom Barto reporting for Robert Lane.

  • Stewardship - Brian Gilbert, reporting for Bill King.

  • Serving Outside Our Doors - Melissa Meyer.

  • WMA - Chris Hume.

  • Greeters/Ushers - Rich Gorecki, reporting for Lois Leadley and Craig Buttrey.

  • Unity in Diversity - Christy Palangatill.

  • Nominating - Kalina Waszak.

  • Hospitality - Peg McCall.

  • Staff - Caryn Perucca, Joyce Lawson, Peg McCall.

  • Deacons - Ross Bentsen.

  • Session - Paula Hebert.

An important item from the QLC meeting is that all teams should keep the office staff in the loop about your meeting and event dates & times so the church calendar and meeting space assignments are up-to-date. One way to help them is to send copies of your team minutes to the office.

Additionally, any questions normally directed to the Head of Staff should go to Brian Gilbert, Rich Gorecki, or Paula Hebert; the three Session members covering the role. These three will confer and respond to your questions as quickly as possible. The entire leadership roster of River Glen appreciates your energy and commitment to keeping our congregation thriving during our search for a Transitional Pastor and eventual hiring of an Installed Pastor. We will continue to communicate with all of you via eNews.

2023 Session: Tom Barto, Bob Carr, Brian Gilbert, Rich Gorecki, Paula Hebert, Bill King,

Christy Palangattil, Kalina Waszak.

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