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A Word from Buildings & Grounds - October 20, 2023

The Building & Grounds team of Bob Carr, Chris Hume, Terry Moore, and Dan Henriksen was busy fulfilling the mission to maintain our facilities and grounds while being good stewards of our financial resources and our planet. Here is a brief update on several of the team’s projects for this year. The volunteer mowing team is finishing up the summer mowing season and switching gears to manage the autumn leaf challenge. We also successfully implemented two “no mow” zones where the contours of ground resulted in a risky incline to operate the lawn tractor. The no mow zone along the south lawn will be further improved with the upcoming completion of a Boy Scout Eagle project. This project will remove the invasive tree species and plant low maintenance annuals that will enhance the beauty of our grounds. We also improved the landscaping in the parking lot island adjacent to the large oak tree by planting some hydrangeas and other annuals utilizing memorial gift funds. Many of the grass areas are fully recovered after a project by Naperville Electric removed sizeable amounts of the lawn from our parkway areas adjacent to Raymond Drive. Inside our building, the team is 95% complete with another phase of the converting to energy efficient LED lighting. The majority had older fluorescent tubes which are now equipped with LED replacements with the remainder of the ceiling light fixtures completed very soon. We are also moving forward to replace the parking lot lighting with energy efficient LED fixtures, all of which will help reduce our energy expenses. Earlier this year, we also changed out our thermostats to help better manage our heating and air conditioning. We encourage anyone to join the Building and Grounds team or to help specifically with the upcoming snow shoveling season. Please contact Bob Carr, Session Liaison to Building and Grounds, or Dan Henriksen, the team’s chairperson, with any questions or to help.

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