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Pastor's Pondering - November 11, 2022

Dear friends -

Our executive presbyter, the Rev. Dr. Craig Howard, has been sending out a series of reflections on trends in the churches of the Presbytery of Chicago. This past week, he reflected on growth - the insistence of churches that we need to grow. While growth is important, understanding the cycles of growth is important as well. Often growth follows fallow time or a time of death or receding which makes way for new life. You can read more in Craig's blog: Click Here

This season where we are reflecting on practices of sabbath - time when we pause and reconnect to God and others through rest, hospitality, prayer, storytelling, service, and retreat - might help us better understand the need for pausing, regrouping, listening for the Spirit, and seeing what we're actually called to do to work toward spiritual growth. I'm hopeful for growth again at River Glen. Just prior to the pandemic was the first time worship attendance at River Glen had increased in almost 15 years of decline. We were ready for some growth - moving through transition and fallow time toward something more vibrant.

In what ways are you working on your own spiritual growth so that you too are part of the growth of the church?

See you Sunday!


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