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Pastor's Pondering - May 12, 2023

Dear friends -

When I started as a pastor twenty years ago, "irresistible evangelism" was big. We did things like buy people's coffee in line at Starbucks and leave little notes about God's generous love for the barista to give to the car behind us. When we wanted to invite the neighbor kids to VBS but knew they were quite suspicious of strangers walking through the neighborhood, we made the church bus into an ice cream truck and handed out rocket pops with invitation stickers. Subversive ways to bring joy and invitation - to share God's love in a purposeful manner.

As you continue faithfully forward to experience God's love and make Jesus known, may you do so with the kind of delight that happens in giving away free ice cream sandwiches. May you live out God's vision for you with deep hospitality and compassion, especially to those who very rarely have spaces of belonging. May you experience God's love and make Jesus known with hope for what is to come, always keeping alert for the kingdom of God among you. "You are the light of the world!" Stay shiny, friends.

Grace and peace and much love in Christ,


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May 22, 2023

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