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Pastor's Pondering - March 11, 2022

Dear friends -

On Tuesday evening during dinner, I had not turned my phone volume down and suddenly it buzzed a few times with text messages. "Wow!" "Way to shine in the Presbytery of Chicago." "River Glen is famous."

The weekly Presbytery newsletter had been sent out, and the EP, Craig Howard who preached on Sunday, had highlighted River Glen. Craig called the Presbytery to enter into Lent with curiosity and wonder - two things he saw when he was the guest preacher on Sunday morning, especially through one of our very own (smart and curious) kiddos. You can read the Full Blog Here .

Where's your curiosity and wonder this Lent? Where are you seeing burning bushes where others are simply sitting around eating blueberries? If you missed the Rev. Dr. Howard's sermon, you can check it out on our youtube channel: Click Here

Lenten blessings,


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