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Pastor's Pondering - February 24, 2023

Dear friends -

Not all heroes wear capes. Our very own Aria was featured this past week in the news for being brave and calm in midst of a scary situation this past week. It's a perfect feature for Lent as we begin our journey thinking about the ways we can be compassionate and caring for those in need as our Lenten practices. Aria cared for her mom, Caron, by making the 911 call and helping at a very needed time.

Jesus tells a parable about compassionate care in action in Matthew 25 - that when we serve others it is as if we are serving Jesus himself. It's not always as big as calling 911 - sometimes it's as simple as checking in with someone who is on the prayer list or encouraging a coworker you know who is going through a hard time. Maybe it's touching base with that person you keep thinking about or opening your heart to see who it is God brings to mind. I hope our Lenten journey involves both prayerful worship and service in action as we seek to more fully experience new life in Jesus.

Check out our River Glen Hero: CLICK HERE

See you Sunday,


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