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Pastor's Pondering - August 28, 2020

Dear friends –

Our ruling elders were invited this past week to write a letter to the Session using a little bit of creativity, as if they were looking back on the fall from January of 2021. (Shout out to Pastor Traci and their clerk of Session at Elmhurst Presbyterian for this engaging idea.) The letters began:

“January 1, 2021:

Dear Session, I'm writing to congratulate us on the things we have gotten right as a church during this COVID-19 crisis. I'm particularly proud of these choices we made:”

We had some fun with it. Several Session members included giving thanks for some of the ways we’ve already adapted, but some took it as a creative invitation to dream big. I invite you to write a letter like this. Enjoy being free to be as elaborate and visionary as you want. This is not a list of the things we have done already (although that might inspire some of your points) but it is an imaginary exercise to get us to dream big about what the Spirit has in store for us, not just between now and January, but in the future as well.

Send them my way – I know the Session would love to hear from you as well.

Grace and peace,


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