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Pastor's Pondering - August 20, 2021

Dear friends –

This was a big week for our kiddos – back to school! Please keep the kids in your prayers as well as the teachers, parents, administrators, and the long list of support systems from bus drivers to social workers.

Here’s a list of our children and youth, so you can keep this prayer list handy and pray for them by name.

Aeryn, Amelia, Kingston, Ezra, Milo, Alex, Aria, Wells, Audrey, Mila, Zoey, Evan, Spencer, John, Emily, Lauren, Cam, Dillon, Clinton, Brodie, Carter, Cooper, Emily, Adam, Jackson, Robbie, Annie, Kellen, Leo, Meera, Benny, Nalani,Cordelia, Audrielle, Isaiah.

Grace and peace,


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