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A Word From Your Session - Nov 3, 2023

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with the Reverend S. Peter Park for the role of part-time Gap Pastor. Many of you already know Peter since he has been one of our pulpit supply preachers over the last few months. This hiring will provide us consistency from the pulpit while we continue our search for a qualified Transitional Pastor candidate.

For the next 3-months, Peter will devote 20 hours per week to River Glen starting the week of November 7. Peter's primary role is to provide preaching and spiritual and administrative leadership. He will help WMA and staff with weekly worship planning and will preach/lead worship on most weeks. He will administer the sacraments (i.e. Communion, Baptism) and may officiate weddings and funerals when needed.

Additionally, Peter will sit in on the twice-monthly staff meetings and have partial-day office hours on Tuesdays. For the near term, Session members Paula Hebert, Brian Gilbert, or Rich Gorecki will continue as temporary Head of Staff as Peter learns the rhythms and begins to moderate staff meetings.

Peter's other limited responsibilities are to attend ministry or support team meetings (i.e. Quarterly Leadership Council, Christian Formation) as necessary and when available within the agreed-upon hours. He will also provide pastoral care for the congregation and those who seek comfort and guidance through the church, and assist Session with the training of newly elected officers.

Peter’s full-time job is as a Senior Wealth Advisor for LPL Financial. He and his spouse, Jenny, live in Bolingbrook and they have 3 children, Sofie, Jonah, and Elyssa, ages 20, 18, and 17. Peter is a member of Chicago Presbytery and has a Master of Divinity-Pastoral Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA, along with a B.S. in Psychology & Minor in Business from State University of NY at Buffalo. He has prior church experience as Interim Worship Leader at Northwest Evangelical Covenant Church in Mt. Prospect, NC; as a Lead Pastor (Head of Staff) for Parkwood Community Church, a predominantly Asian-American and multiethnic Evangelical Covenant Church in Villa Park, IL; as a Solo/Head Pastor at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church USA, a church plant in Cary, NC, along with leading other Korean congregations & ministries.

He enjoys adventures in eating, playing golf, volleyball, and basketball.

If you have not met Peter yet, please extend a warm River Glen greeting to him. He will preach again on Sunday, November 12.

2023 Session: Tom Barto, Bob Carr, Brian Gilbert, Rich Gorecki, Paula Hebert, Bill King,

Christy Palangattil, Kalina Waszak.

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