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A Word From Your Session - June 2, 2023

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

This week, Session met at our usual 4th Tuesday evening time, so we want to share the top five highlights of the meeting with you. ● Temporary Moderator: The Reverend Susan Tindall, Transitional Associate Pastor at Community Presbyterian Church of Clarendon Hills moderated our Session meeting Tuesday night. She will also moderate our future meetings until an interim pastor is hired. ● Interim Search Team Appointed: Session has appointed an Interim Pastor Search Team: from Session - Tom Barto and Rich Gorecki; from the congregation: Angela Bentsen, Melissa Meyer, and Jennifer Praveen. The team will get started as soon as possible by meeting with our Commission on Ministry (COM) representative to review the search process and begin work on our Ministry Information Form (MIF), then begin the search for an interim pastor. A full Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) will be formed later in the year after an interim pastor is hired. ● Financial Update: Year-to-date income from contributions is on track and we continue to manage our expenses well. We’re below the forecasted expenses so far and have already narrowed the budget shortfall by nearly $25,000. We project handling any expenses related to the interim pastor search from the current budget. ● Fundraising to Replace Outdoor Sign: The Session has approved the use of Memorial Funds and a fundraising campaign to help replace the church’s outdoor sign that is failing. Once we reach the $30,000 target for pledges, we will proceed with the permitting and construction of a new sign. You can read more details on the fundraising campaign for the sign here. Pledges are being collected through the office. ● We’re Invited to the Yuhllin Church’s Picnic on June 25: The Korean church that meets in our building has invited our congregation to attend their picnic at 2:30 pm on Sunday, June 25th. We will have outdoor worship that day, followed by the Yuhllin picnic in the afternoon. As always, feel free to direct any questions on these or other topics to any member of the Session.

2023 Session: Tom Barto, Bob Carr, Brian Gilbert, Rich Gorecki, Paula Hebert, Bill King, Christy Palangattil, Kalina Waszak

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