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Pastor's Pondering - May 21, 2021

Dear friends –

It’s a new day! We’ve spent some time with family, hugged a few vaccinated friends, planned a trip!! Sunday is Pentecost, and our theme is the renewing breath of God that sweeps over dry bones and brings new life like the Spirit swept through that upper room in tongues of fire creating the church.

With the new day has come some significant and sudden changes in guidelines from the CDC. I’m sure this has been on your mind, and it certainly has been on the Session’s mind as well. For now, the Session is paralleling the school system and continuing the current church guidelines for continued masking at River Glen. This may change in June, but for now, we would like to continue to be a space that feels safe for those who are unable to be vaccinated or at higher risk, modeling the welcoming of the least of these. As one Session member reflected: we’ve made it this far – let’s ride it out for a few more weeks to ensure people’s safety.

We have adjusted a few things. Our reservation list will continue because it is the easiest way to help us track for contact tracing. However, please do not let this deter you from attending worship – we’ve increased the number of reservations to cover everybody, and Building and Grounds is working on increasing seating in the fellowship hall for folks who would prefer to be seated in there rather than the worship center. And we anticipate adjusting again (what was that… shift shift shift?) in June. We promise to keep you posted.

Grace and peace,


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