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Pastor's Pondering - March 4, 2022

Dear friends -

Oh, our poor teachers and school administrators. They can't win right now. Our poor medical workers - exhausted, especially emotionally, after two years of pandemic. Sometime in early January, we started noticing how some folks were stretched so thin it seems superhuman that they were keeping on. Others: bored, sick of pandemic, ready to be social with pent up energy. I made a plea to Growing as Disciples - can we do anything to help Longwood Elementary school or hospital staff?

Have they got a plan for us! REV Wednesdays starting this coming Wednesday, March 9 - let's have some safe social fun and help others in the process. Come join in on Wednesdays - 5:45 - for outreach projects to support teachers, hospital staff and our own congregation.

We need your help (and your neighbor's - bring a friend) - let's make a difference in the world: RSVP here

See you there!


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