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Pastor's Pondering - March 17, 2023

Dear friends -

As promised, here are my top five reasons I love the summer Sisseton Mission trip:

  • Community - several churches in the Presbytery along with several churches on the Lake Traverse Reservation get together to host a week of VBS, so community is built across churches and communities - and it's just beautiful.

  • Love and laughter - it's VBS after all, only with people so extraordinarily committed to making sure this is a wonderful and life-giving experience for the kids, our days are full of love and laughter.

  • Stars and wide-open spaces - there is nothing like the gorgeous setting of the South Dakota prairie and the bright sky at night.

  • Growing in flexibility. I'm not gonna lie - it's a little chaotic, and things don't always (almost never) go according to plan, but it helps us build muscles of flexibility even in uncertainty.

  • Opening ourselves to God - with Sunday in one of the Lakota churches, daily worship, sharing Bible stories with the kids, and evening reflections, we have had all sorts of ways we've encountered God's presence - sustaining, bringing joy, and building community.

Won't you consider joining in? Please email me or let Tom Ekin know if you are interested in more information. Register for the Trip Here



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