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Pastor's Pondering - January 13, 2023

Dear friends -

Thank you!! As WMA was putting away Christmas decorations on Monday, I was reminded of what a beautiful advent and Christmas we had here at River Glen. Much of that was in part because of the community as a whole, but lots of folks and groups made extra effort over the last month, so let's give some extra thanks.

A big thanks to our friends at the Yuhllin Church, the Korean congregation that shares our building. They gave a generous donation toward Christmas decorations as well as Christmas gifts for the Longest Night and Christmas Day of orange hand oil (it smells amazing - there are a few left in my office if you would like one).

WMA, the Empty Nesters, and the Men's group made the fellowship hall and worship center literally sparkle with lights and shine with candlelight. From banner changes to chrismons to the outdoor nativity, these groups helped us celebrate all season.

Speaking of the outdoor nativity, a huge thank you to everybody who was part of the live nativity - it was a gorgeous night with stars, Kings, an angel chorus, an adorable Holy Family, and lots of joy from the whole team of people that worked hard for the event, including the kitchen crew and cooks who hosted a delicious soup supper.

Speaking of an angel chorus, our choirs and worship team did an amazing job this season. Emily completed her children's ministry internship with the kids' choir singing in December - they did so great!, Joyce and the choir hit it out of the park with the Cantata, and Brian and the bell choir were magnificent. A huge thanks to all involved in music ministry.

If you thought the poinsettias were the most beautiful yet, you were correct! Thanks, Bob Carr, for your generosity and fantastic green thumb.

In addition, thanks to all the lay leaders and readers and ushers and fellowship time hosts who also went the extra mile. I'm sure I missed people, so feel free to remind us of other thank yous to include for the season in the upcoming enews. If you haven't already, please be sure to drop some gratitude this January to these folks.

With deep gratitude,


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